Annual Membership Conference

The 2023 Conference took Place on April 20-21, 2023

2023 Conference Summary

For the 2023 Rural Health Association of Arkansas Annual Conference, 80+ members and non-members gathered at the Marriott Downtown Little Rock to discuss "hot topics" in rural healthcare from legislative perspectives, as well as expert perspectives. The "hot topics" covered were maternal health, workforce, and food insecurity in rural Arkansas.

Day 1, April 20, consisted of two panels, both moderated by Roby Brock: a state legislative panel & a federal legislative panel. The state legislative panel consisted of Senator Fred Love, Representative Mary Bentley, Representative Jack Ladyman, & Representative Aaron Pilkington. Since the federal legislature was still in session on this date, the federal legislative panel consisted of staff members from Senator John Boozman's & Senator Tom Cotton's office.

Day 2, April 21, began with a keynote address from a member of RHAA's advisory counsel & Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Jansen. After, experts from each of the 3 highlighted issues were gathered as panelists.

The Maternal Health Crisis panel, moderated by Craig Wilson, consisted of: Dawne Sokora (ARMoms), Representative Aaron Pilkington, Dr. Jessica Coker (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences), & Dr. William Greenfield (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences).

The Workforce in Rural Arkansas panel, moderated by Joey Flowers, consisted of Craig Wilson (Arkansas Center for Health Improvement), Amanda Kuttenkuler (Arkansas Rural Health Partnership), and Ashley Davis (Arkansas Center for Nursing).

The Food Insecurity in Rural Arkansas panel, moderated by Dr. Mark Jansen, consisted of Dr. Gloria Richard Davis (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences), Kathy Webb (Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance), & Joshua Harris (Well Fed).

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